October 20, 2017

ES Analysis after closing bell

  • The bearish rising wedge pattern did move towards Bears but only for a little while. Technically it reached the Target which was the base of the pattern But for the Negative divergence seen it could've done more. But bulls though otherwise.
  • Now the base of the pattern around 2540 becomes a crucial support zone since Bulls found support there during this correction.
  • Price in one hour has moved back above the cloud. 

October 18, 2017

ES Analysis after closing bell

  • Daily chart shows price nearing the Apex of the contraction pattern.
  • Hourly Cloud trade continues to do well for ES Bulls.
  • Hourly close below the cloud will only indicate weakness in smaller time frame.

October 17, 2017

ES Negative Divergence and Hourly cloud update

  • 4 Hour contraction is moving up with Negative divergence. Price if falls below the rising support line will give the Correction for Negative divergence.
  • One hour cloud continues to be good for ES Bulls. Negative divergence shown in first chart may start working if price in Hour closes below the cloud. Till then Bulls in control. 

October 16, 2017

ES Hour chart analysis

  • 4 Hour continues to be in a sideways contraction pattern. This looks bearish to me But one thing in favour of the Bulls is the Hourly cloud. One hour cloud must break on closing basis for a swift fall to follow. If Hour cloud holds then steady up moves are likely to continue.

October 13, 2017

ES Rising wedge and Hourly cloud update

  • Despite today's bullishness the pattern in 4 hour looks like a bearish wedge like pattern. 
  • One hour time frame continues to be bullish with the Hourly cloud giving nonstop support for ES Bulls.
  • Unless the structure of HH and HL change there will not be bigger correction in Hourly charts.


ES Chart analysis after closing bell

  • ES Hour continues to take support at the Hourly cloud. 
  • Break and close below the cloud may lead to a correction. 
  • 4 Hour chart shows a contraction channel. This channel must resolve for bigger moves to follow.

October 12, 2017

ES Hour chart before opening bell

  • ES Hour testing crucial support levels.
  • Holding above hourly cloud may lead to new high's again.
  • Bears need to break and stay below hourly cloud.

October 11, 2017

ES one hour chart update

  • ES Hour continues to be in a range.
  • Hourly cloud acting as support for ES Bulls.
  • If the Cloud does not break on closing basis A Bullish move out of the range is possible. Break below 2541 can give 10 to 15 points on the Down side.

NIFTY Chart update

  • Nifty Week shows price in a 450 Plus range. Weekly MACD Has a sell signal. So any up swing inside this range should be watched cautiously.
  • Hour up swing is getting tested.
  • Up move may resume if price gets support at 30 Minutes cloud. Otherwise a bigger correction is possible.
  • NIFTY Weekend update

NIFTY Hour and Weekly charts

  • Nifty hour shows a steady up move.
  • Up swing will be safe till price stay above 30 Minutes cloud.
  • But bulls must be cautious as the current up move is happening against the MACD Bearish cross in Weekly chart

October 10, 2017

ES Hour chart update

  • ES One hour chart shows bulls trying to stay above 100 Hour SMA.
  • Range shows price doing false spikes on both direction. This setup need price to close outside this range for a bigger directional move to follow.

ES Hour chart Analysis

  • Hourly cloud is acting as support. Weakness only if bears manage to close below the cloud.
  • Hour is in a range. Bigger moves only when range gets resolved. Staying above 100 SMA an upper breakout is possible. Below the cloud price may move towards 2520 levels. Breakout above the range can give 2560 plus levels.

INFOSYS Multi Year support line and Descending Triangle

  • Infosys Multi Years support line shown in first chart has saved bulls from a bigger fall.
  • Second chart shows a possible False breakdown scenario, Mostly this is followed by swift  move on the opposite direction. But Bulls has one more hurdle Which is the Falling resistance line of a Descending triangle pattern. Bearish Only if price starts close below 900 levels again. 

October 9, 2017

GENERAL ELECTRIC chart analysis

  • GE Month trending down after a Trend line breakdown.
  • Second chart shows price approaching a crucial support zone. Bulls must protect 23.40 to avoid more weakness. Possible bounce or reversal if this level is held.
  • Daily chart shows price trending down below the cloud. For a bigger bounce or reversal price must move above Daily cloud.
  • GOOGLE Range and Month Trend update

ALPHABET Range and Monthly Trend update

  • Daily range shows price nearing the resistance zone.
  • Month chart shows the Bullish trend. Breakout above 1008 is possible. If gets resisted around here then price likely to remain in the aforementioned range and move sideways towards the Monthly trend line.
  • Monthly chart shows breakout resulting in 200 points each. 

October 8, 2017

APPLE Chart Analysis

  • 4 Hour chart shows a Small up move in a Down swing. Price is near crucial resistance levels. Staying below the cloud will help Apple bulls to resume the fall. Daily time frame too shows resistance at 20 Day SMA. 
  • Weakness below 152 and 149 levels. Closing the Day above 20 Day SMA may change momentum in favour of Apple Bulls.
  • AMAZON Chart Analysis

NIFTY Weekend update

  • Weekly time frame is shown in second chart which is showing a Bounce from 20 Week SMA. If week builds momentum then this up move can take price back towards 10100 levels.
  • Hour is also showing an up swing. Weakness if Hour calls back below 9950 and 9880 levels.

October 7, 2017

AMAZON Bull Flag and Weekly chart

  • Daily chart shows Price near the resistance line of the Flag pattern. If price gets resisted here another Dip towards 200 Day SMA is possible.
  • For the Bullish trend to stay alive This pattern has to be a Bullish Flag.
  • One warning for the long term investors is the Long upper shadow in weekly chart shown in chart two. But this one will be more prominent only if Daily closes below 200 SMA.

October 6, 2017

ES One hour Chart analysis

  • ES one hour chart shows weakness at the top. 
  • But All charts shows multiple support levels for Bulls. Up move will weaken further only if price closes below 50 Hour SMA.
  • Trend of Hour will not be challenged until price falls below the Hourly cloud.